Our vision and goal are simple, provide an unbelievable level of service to our customers and continually go the extra mile. We have built this company on the foundation of honesty and integrity. We believe that if we offer our fine-tuned expertise, along with a servant’s heart, we will clearly standout by differentiating ourselves from the competition. Our number one desire is to provide each of our customers with a relevant and meaningful real estate experience.  

The founder/owner of W Properties is Mark Williams. Mark is a licensed real estate broker, a certified real estate appraiser, and an active real estate investor with over 25 years of experience in property valuation, pricing, rehabbing, and the marketing of properties. He also had the opportunity to previously work for an agency of Fannie Mae within the mortgage fraud department, which has provided him with invaluable experience and awareness especially regarding what to look out for in real estate transactions. He and his wife have also fixed and flipped a number of properties in the Southern California area. With his extensive background in real estate appraisal, the mortgage industry, real estate investing, and real estate transactions, including probate and trust estates, he is well equipped to guide you through your unique real estate home buying or selling process.

On a personal note, Mark is a husband and proud father of four absolutely terrific adult children, and a grandfather of two awesome grandkids. He grew up in Huntington Beach where he continues to live today along with his wife Gina who is also his business partner and soul mate. Their oldest son served for six years as a US Navy SEAL and is a sought after keynote speaker and the author of the book - Seal of God. Needless to say, Mark and his wife have great respect for those serving our country for the sake of our freedom and consider it a privilege to work with our country’s veterans.


You can reach W Properties at 714-745-6164 or email: mark@wpropertiesgroup.com