Huntington Beach Real Estate: Preparing Your Open House

The Huntington Beach Real Estate Market is heating up! It’s As Easy As Pie! Six simple steps you can do to prepare your home for an open house.

1. When competing for buyers attention in the Huntington Beach Real Estate Market, one of the most important steps is to de-clutter your home. Those knick-knacks and sentimental chachkies sprinkled throughout your home can make a space seem smaller and cluttered. 

 2. Lighten things up. Clean windows, screens and blinds. Open shutters and drapes. Bring in as much light as you possibly can.

 3. Send Rover on vacation. Removing pets from the home will make potential buyers feel more comfortable when viewing your home. And most importantly, make sure that you have cleaned up any remnants of Rover in the yard that may get tracked back into your house!

4.  Many people think that watering their yard and driveway make it look fresh and inviting.  Actually, you will end up with mud and watery footprints. Buyers tend to avoid walking around the yard if it is wet. Instead, a few well placed potted plants can add a nice touch.

5. How can I say this politely? Well, I will just say it…please remember to flush the toilet! Really, you would be surprised, especially in homes with kids, how that last minute run to the bathroom gets left behind. Speaking of bathrooms, try not to leave it all steamy and wet. Remove wet wash cloths and damp towels. Perspective buyers will be looking in the shower and tub and they do not want to get dripped on when they open the door or shower curtain.

6. It is as easy as pie. Baking an apple pie has been a wonderful touch that I have even used myself. It can fill the home with thoughts of family gatherings and cozy evenings. There have been a lot of studies on scents and what they can do to our emotions. So it does not just have to be apple pie. It has been said that mint and pine can lift your mood. One woman I know used to place a fresh potted plant of mint just by the front door. No wonders I always felt so uplifted when I entered her home! 

These are just some ideas you can use to spruce up your home for an open house. It wouldn’t hurt to go to a few open houses in Huntington Beach and see what the other home owners are doing with their open houses. Buying a home can be very emotionally driven, so you want to evoke as many positive emotions from your prospective buyers as you can!

With our beaches, shopping, parks, proximity to transportation, Huntington Beach Real Estate is highly sought after – especially as we approach the summer months. Prepare and take advantage of the favorable market conditions that appear to be heading our way!

-Gina Williams


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