December Gift Card Winners!

Brewster's Ice - Huntington Beach

Congratulations to Susan, Ben, and Vicki, you are our December Gift Card Contest winners!  Each of you have won a $25 Amazon Gift Card. You all figured out that the mystery picture was taken of the Historic Brewster's Ice House located at the corner of 6th and Lake in Huntington Beach. 

Brewster's Ice is a family owned business that has been at the same location since 1945. In fact, it is one of the oldest business in Huntington Beach. Originally, the military originally utilized the ice house as an Army meat locker to feed the military located at gun encampments during World War II. Virgil Brewster purchased the war surplus ice house from the military after the end of World War II and moved it to its current location. 

Back in the 1940's and 50's, before refrigerators were in every home,  it was common for the iceman to deliver to the ice and food was stored in an ice box!  After the war, refrigerators were in mass production; however, it would take awhile before they were considered a common household appliance.

As the times have changed, the demand for ice has decreased. So many years have passed since the days of Virgil hauling blocks of ice to the Surf Theater, The Golden Bear, and local restaurants. Today, Brewster's Ice is still popular with the local community, beach goers, and nearby restaurants. 




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